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Reclaim the Night Leeds

On Saturday 16th November 2013, local women joined forces for the Reclaim The Night Leeds march in Leeds City Centre to assert their right to feel free from fear of rape and sexual violence.

From 6.30pm, women will gathered at a city centre location and began to walk around Leeds City Centre. From 7.30pm there was a rally with speakers and representation from many local groups at Leeds Met Student Union Bar. The rally was open to all.

Children are welcome on the march and at the rally.

Reclaim the Night also aims to highlight the low conviction rate for rape here in West Yorkshire, which recent research estimated at around 8%. Raising the conviction rate for rape was identified by the recent Equality and Human Rights Commission report, “How Fair is Britain?”, as one of as one of the most significant challenges to equality faced in Britain today and as one of the most urgent issues currently in need of resolution.

The Reclaim the Night Leeds march is open to all women

If you want to know what it is all about, go to About RtN Leeds.

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You can also join our facebook group or drop us an email.